magnus-chase-and-the-gods-of-asgard-book-2-by-rick-riordanThe Hammer Of Thor is the 2nd novel in the bestselling Magnus Chase series, and the fans will be happy to learn that this time around the stakes are even higher. The author did a wonderful job of introducing the old characters to new challenges and keeping it fresh from the 1st page to the very last one. So, Thor, the thunder god, lost his famous hammer - again. Yes, it's not the first time his ridiculously strong weapon of destruction got misplaced.

However, this time around the whole universe is in real danger, as the hammer is now in the enemy's possession. So, if Magnus, the fearless hero of the series, and his team fail to bring it back to Thor quickly, the mortal worlds, Earth included, will be practically defenseless against a never-ending army of monsters.

That means Ragnarok is inevitable. This is the end of our worlds, the destruction of the universe and everything we know and love. Now, the only man who has a real chance of securing Thor's mighty hammer and returning it to him is Loki, his own brother and his most hated enemy. But, Loki is demanding a very, very high price for his services. So, what should the god and Magnus do? What can they do?

Rick Riordan has the magic touch that allows him to create his own version of Asgard and the key characters in this universe. He's got three bestsellers behind his back and even more prestigious awards on his shelves. Overall, he sold more than 45 million copies of his ground-breaking series and still keeps the bar higher than ever. As for the 2nd book in the award-winning series, its' safe to say that the fans are in for a real treat.

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