Major-Pettigrew's-Last-Stand-By-Helen-SimonsonWelcome to a mesmerizing tiny village right in the middle of the breathtakingly beautiful English countryside. This part of the world is rich with unique, insightful, engaging and pretty hilarious characters. Ernest is a retired major, a valiant man with a big heart and a conservative set of mind. The man is a walking contradiction: he's courteous, stubborn as a bull and super-charming.

The critics are calling him one of the most memorable characters in modern-day literature, and that is why Helen Simonson's debut book instantly became an international bestseller. This bloke will enchant you from the very first pages, so, you better watch out for that famous English charisma! The Major had enough ups and downs back in the day to want a nice, quiet and peaceful life in a far-away village.

He values the traditions of Englishmen and puts duty, honor, valor and ethics first. Oh, and he does know how to brew a proper cup of tea, of course. The ex-major enjoys the quiet days and nights and doesn't expect any revelations from life. However, when his brother suddenly passes, it leads to an ever-growing friendship with Jasmina, the lovely shopkeeper from Pakistan.

The two are drawn to each other, partially thanks to the fact that they both love literature and have lost their loved ones. Soon, the friendship turns into something bigger, but the locals don't really approve this union. Major Pettigrew's Last Stand is a top-notch historical romance that comes with a great sense of humor, a wonderful cast of characters and a hearty love story that will get you hooked up from the get-go.

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