If you consider yourself to be a leader but still need some sort of guidance from a truly brilliant man, make sure to check William H. McRaven's brand-new masterpiece out. This is one of those one-of-a-kind books that should be included in the nationwide school programs. It's powerful, engaging, smart, and full of uplifting and inspiring ideas and thoughts.

Mr. McRaven is an admiral, and back in 2014 (May 17th, to be exact), he addressed the graduates of the famous University of Texas. The man told the young boys and girls about the 10 vital principles that he learned while he was still training to be a Navy Seal. These "mottos" helped him overcome the obstacles and prevail in the most brutal challenges that the military threw at him. Furthermore, these simple, yet highly effective principles allowed him to go up the ranks in the Army and be a successful and happy man in life.

He told the youngsters that every single person has the opportunity to use this piece of wisdom to seize the moment and make the world a better place. We have the power within ourselves to conquer the highest mountains and dive into the deepest seas. The only thing that's keeping you from becoming one of the greatest people of your time is you, your own set of fears, doubts, laziness and everything else in between.

The speech from 2014 became a hit on the Internet and gained 10 million views! And now the man's back with an awesome book that builds on those 10 principles and comes with additional material that is most definitely worth your while. Make Your Bed is one of those rare books that inspire folks and make them believe in themselves. If you need a mighty kick up your butt to start believing in yourself, Admiral McRaven is at your service!

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