The bestselling and critically-acclaimed Most Likely To franchise is finally ready to hit "retirement": Making It Right is the final chapter in this amazing series, and it's just as great as the first two books, if not better. Jo is not one of those kids that are born with a silver spoon and inherit a huge mansion and fancy cars from their fathers: all she got from her dad is a badge and passion for solving the hardest cases out there.

Back in the day, she used to be a wild kid with no future, but she's a sheriff now, and one of the best cops the precinct has ever seen. Her dear old poppa has passed away in mysterious circumstances, and she's set on figuring out the real truth behind it. River Bend is a peaceful, quiet rural town, but Jo is getting more and more tired of it.

The girl is dreaming of something bigger and better, a place that won't constantly bring up painful memories. Mel and Zoe, her BFFs, are doing a great job of supporting her and putting a smile on that beautiful face; yet, it's still not enough. Soon, when she signs up for an elite training seminar, the sheriff meets Gil, the sexiest and most attractive man she's ever seen in her entire life.

He makes her want to fall in love and start a family, something that she's never ever thought about. She can't deny the fact that he's on her mind 24/7, and, even though he is an arrogant and cocky Fed, he's the only person she can turn to when she learns there's someone out there who wants to take her down. Her life is in great danger, and it seems like her investigation into her father's murder is making someone really nervous. The two make a wonderful team, but are they ready for a big commitment?

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