Roger, one of the biggest tech geniuses of our time, had been fighting with depression for years, but now he's finally back on his feet. However, when he "accidentally" falls off the balcony of a luxurious suite, the cops are quick to label it an "unfortunate death", which is pretty much the vaguest explanation ever. Julia, the guy's rough-tough, hard-boiled aunt, is set on finding the answers on her own.

She gets in contact with her nephew's buddy from childhood, Stuart, and asks him to help her figure out what really happened on that fateful day. But, by doing so, she inadvertently sets herself up against a notorious serial killer. Stuart brings support - Cami, and Ali - and together they spend days and nights trying to learn the real truth about the tragedy.

They've got the best equipment and the unlimited resources of a top-notch online security company to solve this mystery. Cami heads out into the water to check out the ship that Roger was last seen on, while Stuart stays at home and uses his computer to fight a stranger on the other side who's just as witty, smart and agile, if not better.

The thing is - the enemy managed to create an AI - artificial intelligence - that helps him find victims whose parents took their own lives and does everything in its power to make they do the same. Soon the cyber genius and the killer locate Stuart and make him the next target. So now his friends must race against time to save the poor fella and to put a stop to the villain's plans. Man Overboard is an A-grade mystery thriller with skillful plotting, a great cast of well-developed characters, and a couple of mighty twists and turns.

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