Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Jane-Austen-Mansfield-ParkJane Austen is a wonderful storyteller. Her books always have a very expressive, finely honed language that fits for a description of every little detail or character. Every word gives a vivid picture of Victorian England, allowing the reader to see all those people in a very realistic way. You can see their lives and can learn about their social status. The language of Jane Austen penetrates deep into her main characters, and can invoke in the reader numerous states of mind and feelings.

It is such a joy to participate in family life in Mansfield Park and experience the development and blossoming of the main protagonist, Fanny Price. Some critics think about Mansfield Park is the most mature novel of the author. And it's not because it is really good. It because this novel is simply gorgeous!

Fanny Price is one of the most memorable characters of Jane Austen. Her story is very memorable. Fanny Price was only ten years old when she settled in the big house of her reach relatives in Mansfield Park. The girl is intimidated. She also suffers from some sort of terrible homesickness. Fanny Price lives in a calm way and does not defend herself against the bad treatment from her relatives. One of them even explains to her that she must always remain a very submissive, humble and obedient girl. Fanny is very mature for her age (the story ends when she is 18 years old). She is also puritanical and unadventurous.

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