March-Book-One-By-John-LewisMr. John Lewis is one of the biggest figures in the glorious American civil right movement and a living-breathing icon for this country. His big, loving heart, commitment to doing the right thing and justice, have taken him from a farm in the middle of nowhere (in Alabama, to be exact) to the shiny halls of Congress and into the historical books.

The soldiers used to beat him and the white folks considered him to be an outsider, but this extraordinary man was honored with the MOF (Medal Of Freedom) by the ex-President Obama himself. He's got a breathtaking story to tell the youngsters, and he's ready to share it! March is a brilliant trilogy that will get you hooked up from the very beginning and linger on long after you turn the last pages. This is an autobiographical book, meaning everything in it is real and happened with Mr. Lewis.

This black gent has been fighting for civil, human and racial rights and saw segregation, that Jim Crow law and other atrocities first-hand, which makes him just the right person to educate the youngens on what it truly means to be a patriot of your country, your people, and, above all, yourself. The civil rights movement had its ups and downs, and even today we've got huge problems to take care of.

But, as long as we have people like John Lewis guiding us in the right direction, we can rest assured that everything will be all right. So, if you want to learn about his childhood in Alabama, wonderful meeting with Martin King himself, and his fight against segregation, then grab a copy of this book! It's vital for the modern generation to recognize the efforts of folks like Lewis and to keep on fighting for what's really important.

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