Married-To-The-Mob-3-By-Mz.-Lady-PThe Married to the Mob series has been slowly, but steadily gaining love, respect and commercial success, and right now Mz. Lady P, the lovely author, is one of the most prominent writers of urban romance. And it's safe to say that if you loved the first two books about the Demonte fam, you'll most definitely appreciate the third chapter. They're back, and they brought that "heat" with them.

Corleone and the rest of the gangstas are experiencing that turbulent life of being a mobster and married to the girl of your dreams. That thugger routine is not that important to them anymore, and their personal lives are what they care about these days. It's kinda hard to "switch" from being a G to a husband. The thing is - the brothers are used to giving orders and always being in charge of everything, and they expect their babes to follow their rules.

Yet, the girls are not some street hookers, and they can lay any fella down if it comes to that. The sisters aren't just their toys - they're a part of the team. They are holding their men down at home and make themselves put their pride to the side and oblige their husbands, follow their lead. At the same time, the mobsters soon understand that no matter how strong a man is, he's not fully developed without a real woman by his side.

That's the universal rule, and the Demonte brothers are pretty lucky to have such amazing ladies holding down the fort. British and the girls have turned into the Mob wives, which means they managed to step their game up and take control over the situation. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty or put somebody down - that comes with the territory, so to speak. Married to the Mob 3 is the latest installment in the game-changing franchise about real gangstas and their gorgeous ladies.

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