married-to-the-mob-by-mz-lady-pBritish, a beautiful, full-bodied girl, falls in love with a mob boss. It takes her a quick glimpse to know that she wants to be with the man, stand by him and love him. He's the guy of her dreams, and she's not afraid to go for it. Just like a mafia boss should be, Corleone is a brutal, ruthless leader. But, when it comes to this girl, he's tender, gentle and caring. He fell in love with her quickly as well, and he became practically obsessed with British.

He wanted to make her happy, make her a part of his world. At the same time, the girl can't really understand why a man like that would want to be with a big girl like herself. She's convinced that mob leaders go for thin models. So, Corleone will have to do his best to show her exactly why he loves her and why her body size doesn't matter to him.

He's got two brothers who stand by him through the wind, fire and everything in between. They take their business quite seriously and control it with an iron fist. Loyalty means everything to them, and they've got their own code: be loyal or die. And that means that they need strong, confident and loyal women to "hold down the fort" while they're out there making money and taking care of business.

British, along with two other girls, proved that she's worthy of being the woman of a mob boss. However, it's not all bright and beautiful in this lifestyle, and soon the girl will learn about the dark side of being a mob wife. Married to the Mob is an insightful, thrilling, gripping romance novel that will grab your attention from the get-go. Mz. Lady P, the author, did a fantastic job of creating a resonating, entertaining story.

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