Welcome to the HYW (Hundred Years War), ladies and gentlemen, a time of epic battles, strong bonds, betrayals, and ruthless leaders. David Gilman did a brilliant job of depicting the very essence of life in Medieval times in his latest bestseller. If you're a fan of historical dramas, make sure to check Master Of War out - you won't be disappointed!

Thomas, a wrongly-accused man living in England in 1346, has a choice to make: deal with the consequences of a murder he didn't commit, or join the mighty king's army and try to defeat France. Given the fact that he's a big fan of adventures and grandiose battles, the choice is obvious. So, he embarks on a life-defining crusade and fights day and night shoulder-to-shoulder with his fellow soldiers across the north of France, and the war changes him completely.

He learns first-hand what it feels like to be in combat for the first time in your life, to take another human being's life and to experience the brutal reality of long-term siege warfare. The British forces were outnumbered, and the French had better equipment, but Edward III managed to make it to the field of Crécy and confront the undefeated French army elite.

It was obvious that this battle would mean either the end or the glorious triumph of the English king, and that is exactly why every single warrior in Edward III's ranks was ready to give his life for the kingdom. But the enemy had just as much to lose or gain in this fight, and they were happy to die to protect their homeland. Thomas couldn't ever imagine that he'd be a part of something this majestic and horrifying. Will he make it out alive? Master Of War is a marvelous historical novel that takes us back a few centuries and captivates with a gripping, riveting plot, a great line-up of characters and a thought-provoking message.

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