Medusa's Web: A Novel by Tim Powers

Medusas_Web-2_by_Tim_Powers_epub_mobi-fb2As a result of their aunt's sudden death, Madeline and Scott Madden are called to a big house in the Hollywood hills. Both were raised there – in gloomy Caveat mansion. But they are not welcome there. Bound to the wheelchair Claimayne with his sister, Ariel, are cousins to Madeline and Scott Madden, and they are not very friendly.Scott Madeline and Scott Madden thinks about leaving this scary house and its unfriendly inhabitants. He dreams about continuing his peaceful life at home but he can't convince his sister Madeline to go with him. The haunted “House of Usher in the Hollywood Hills” want to liberate her thoughts.

This dark mansion keeps a primary secret of Madden family. This secret was born more than one hundred years ago. An unusual set of mesmerizing abstract images of ancient “spiders” painted on a sheet of paper provides the change to flatten and fragment time. Using the Madden family can transport themselves anywhere into the future or past.

Madeline Madden falls more under mansion's magic, and her brother finds out that if he wants to shield her from any harm, he must use the painted images himself. He makes his decision but does not know what he will face at the end of his mind-bending journey. Can he unravel the secret of his family?

Tim Powers is the award-winning author of The Anubis Gates, Hide Me Among the Graves and Dinner at Deviant's Palace. Medusa's Web is another his brilliant phantasmagoric and hallucinogenic thriller.

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