melt-by-deborah-bladonDeborah Bladon, a bestselling author, is back with a brand-new standalone romantic novel. Lark is a young woman who's working at a big-time company - Matiz. One day, she saw Ryker, her big boss, naked. Well, pretty much every single girl who works at the place saw the same thing. The pics of mister big shot and his girlfriend were taken while the couple was messing around somewhere in the middle of the Caribbean.

The hot photos went viral in a matter of minutes! Currently, Ryker is back in NY, and his relationship with that Instagram star is over. Yep, he's a single man now, but what does that has to do with Lark? Well, she's been secretly fantasizing about him ever since she started working at Matiz. Besides, they kissed last year at the company's holiday party, so, that gotta count for something, right?

And she knows that he's been thinking about her as well, and he looks at her with admiration every time he thinks she's not noticing. So, she's got hope in her heart; but, at the same time, she's heard so many crazy stories about the guy that she's confident it would be better to stay away from him. He's trouble - plain and simple. He's pretty much the last person she should be involved with, but her heart starts to beat like crazy whenever they pass by each other.

So, what's it gonna be? Will Lark follow her heart and be with Ryker, the notorious bad-boy? MELT is a wonderful romantic novel that you can consume in less than a couple of hours, which makes it perfect for an enjoyable evening read on the weekend. The story still packs enough heat to get you turned on, though - grab the book and get lifted!

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