Mr. Preston, a fine archaeologist, gets his hands on a baseball that was allegedly signed by none other than the iconic Ty Cobb more than 100 years ago (in 1908, to be exact). Ariyl and Jon, her peculiar partner, are the ones that made it happen. However, this mighty ball turns out to be an anomaly, a paradox and something of a huge mystery to all of them.

The thing is - tests showed that it was signed with a ballpoint pen. But it wasn't available until 1938. At the same time, the ink itself was at least a couple of centuries older that the pen. Oh, and Ariyl and the fella aren't really just some regular folks, so, Preston is in for quite a riveting ride. The girl soon reveals that she's a time tourist from the 22nd century and just loves jumping in and out of different timelines.

She's a tall, gorgeous beauty with a sexy attitude, and Preston can't seem to stop staring at her. As for Jon, her "trusty" companion, the young lady has no idea that he's a psycho and a thief. His multiple alternations of history are beginning to have a permanent mark on the timeline, and that usually leads to all kinds of catastrophic events.

In a reality where even the tiniest changes can cause calamities of epic proportions, Ludlo's reckless behavior may just very well destroy the very essence of time, trapping him and Ariyl in Preston's timeline. So, in order to stop the villain and safeguard the future, David and the dashing girl will have to solve a huge mystery that involves valiant knights from the Bronze Age, Nazi Germans, an alternative world of steam punk, the greatest scientist that ever lived - Einstein - the incredulous Founding Fathers and other colorful characters.

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