Whenever Abby and Alexis Angel come together, they create some pretty awesome romantic slash erotic novels that are capable of turning you on in a matter of seconds and leaving you begging for more. Daniel married a beautiful woman and agreed to put up with Colt, her kid. But, when she died, the relationship between the fellas turned into a disaster.

Next, Daniel married again and "doomed" them both. That's when a sexy little hussy entered their lives. She really loves to walk around the big house in super-short clothes that make a man want to rip it all off and bang her really good. She's tempting and teasing the fellas, making them go crazy and fantasize about her in all the dirtiest ways.

It's not that hard for them to get her, but the big question is - will she be able to handle them both? That's right - Men of the House is a pretty provocative and scandalous novel, but that doesn't make it any less amazing. It's super dirty, smutty and sizzling hot, which means you better lock yourself up in your bedroom before you start reading it. Big-bad alpha males, a gorgeous young lady and a never-ending stream of passion and lust. What could be better for a nice getaway read, right?

You might think that a “relationship” like that will end badly, but wait until you turn that last page! This is a standalone story with a happy ending and tons of those steaming-hot sex scenes with two men and one woman. Now, if that's not your cup of tea, you shouldn't even check it out on Amazon. On the other hand, if ménage romance is exactly what you're craving for right now, Men of the House will be just the perfect pick for you.

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