mercer-girls-by-libbie-hawkerAre you a fan of historical fiction? And how about romantic novels? Check and double-check? Well, in that case, Mercer Girls is probably an ideal purchase for you! Welcome to Massachusetts, ladies and gentlemen, the land of the oppressed and the struggling ones. It's 1864, and Civil War is slowly, but steadily devastating a small town from its very core.

The economy is broken, nothing seems to work, and the fine ladies are desperate. However, everything changes when Asa arrives to take care of an errand: the man is looking for highly intellectual women who can captivate and enchant man with their brilliant minds. He wants to take them to Seattle, a place where women are a rare "commodity", and men are more than ready to take mail-order brides as wives.

Three girls, all educated and well-mannered, are hoping to break free from the apathy and start new lives with the right kind of men. They are tough, beautiful and engaging, but the troubles from the past, the ones that forced them to embark on a desperate journey to Seattle, follow them wherever they go. The cross-country trip brings the girls together and bonds them, but this newly-forged friendship will be tested on every step of the way.

The girls will need to join forces and act as one; otherwise, the harsh reality of Civil War-America will crush their hopes, dreams, and, eventually, lives. Mercer Girls is a gripping, thrilling and touching historical novel that captivates the readers with the picturesque reality of the 19th-century United States and a strong, exciting plot. Libbie Hawker is one of the best modern-day writers of historical romance, and this book is her latest gift to the fans.

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