merry-christmas-alex-cross-by-james-pattersonAlex Cross, the legendary detective/investigator, James Patterson's most popular character to date, has been through it all, but, this time around, he'll need to confront an even fiercer enemy. It's Christmas Eve, and the man just wants to have a quiet time with his family. They're decorating the tree together, but Alex doesn't get the chance to enjoy it: his phone starts to ring like crazy: a terrifying hostage situation is getting more and more dramatic, and Cross is probably the only one who can handle it.

There's another family's life at stake and the skilled professional will have to do his best in order to save them and go back to his loved ones and celebrate this very special day. The thing is - Cross is risking his own life, he's putting everything on the line, and he might not even make it back home for Christmas.

He's a modern-day hero, but the criminals that he's up against are not an easy target, so, the detective will have to deliver his A-game and hope that Lady Luck is with him this frosty holiday night...This is a story about family, doing the right thing, making a choice and being ready to sacrifice everything you hold dear in order to give total strangers a chance to live.

James Patterson is a world-acclaimed writer who sold more mystery/suspense thrillers than any other author in the genre. Merry Christmas, Alex Cross is a gripping, engrossing novel that's action-packed, drama-charged and full of tension. Will Alex be able to beat the odds and save the day, or maybe it's time for him to admit that he's not the hero everybody thinks he is? Read Patterson's latest best seller and find out! The critics are already calling this book a modern-day holiday classic - make sure to catch up!

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