michael-vey-by-richard-paul-evansRichard Paul Evans's brand-new installment in the bestselling and award-winning series, Fall of Hades, brings even more action into the story and will have the young fans cheering for more. The critics call Michael Vey 6 one of the best children's books out there, so, if you've got a couple of smart kids who want to embark on an exciting and educational journey, then you should most definitely give Mr. Richard Paul Evans a proper thumbs up!

Michael is a gifted kid - he can control electricity and do whatever he pleases with it. Something mysterious happened to him and his friends even before they were born. However, as they soon find out, a company called Elgen is responsible for their unusual abilities, and those people want to use the kids' powers to their own benefit. In Book 5, the author introduced the leader of the resistance against this evil corporation, and the fans were eagerly waiting to find out who he (she?) really is.

So, this time around, Michael and his trusty team have only one mission to complete: they need to bring Electric Youth to their side in order to be able to stand strong against a fierce enemy. The Electroclan has been through a lot, and the team always managed to find a way to defeat even the deadliest enemy, but they'll have to bring their A-game in order to face what's coming their way.

Fall of Hades is one of the greatest adventure thrillers for the kids this year, and it would be a good idea to grab two copies - one for you, and one for, say, your son. Read the book through and through and talk about it with your children - that's one of the best ways to connect and to be a cool parent.

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