Middlemarch by George Eliot

George-Eliot-MiddlemarchThe young and idealistic Dorothea Brooke dreams about the marriage with the scholar Casaubon. Dr. Lydgate should lead the new Hospital and look after the lovely Rosamond. Their brother Fred, in turn, seeks love from the farmer's daughter Mary but in vain... George Eliot's virtuoso composed novel is a masterpiece of realistic literature. With tremendous narrative, he gives us an equally true social and moral portrait the English province of Victorian England.

The story follows Dorothea Brooke, an idealistic (socialist) orphan, who has very clear ideas about her life. She especially found of the priest Casaubon, so she marries him. It is a grandiose mistake as we - and the characters - have to learn later.

The novel is divided into eight books and framed by a prolog and a final. Each chapter is introduced by a quote. The author mixes interesting events, deep characters and outstanding style of writing. It is a great story about human weaknesses and strength. At the end, you just love all those characters: the emotive Dorothea, the passionate Will, the faithful Celia, the prudent Sir James, the distinguished Mr. Brooke, the stiff Mr. Causabon, reckless Fred, the beautiful Rosamond, the ambitious Lydgate, the cute Garth, the Bulstrode, who is always outside, etc.

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