Midnight-Sacrifice-By-Melinda-LeighThe Midnight Series is an international smash hit, and every single book from the series (there are 4 in total) is riveting, engrossing, chilling and un-put-down-able. When it comes to mystery thrillers, Melinda Leigh is a pro. Midnight Sacrifice is the second installment in the line-up, and it's a must-have for all the fans of the genre. It's suspenseful, passionate and romantic all at the same time.

A tiny Maine town is horrified: folks are disappearing into thin air without leaving a single trace behind. Four months ago, a brutal murderer killed 2 people and took away 3 more. Sullivan's little sis miraculously escaped. But so did the monster - he perished in the wilderness and there's no telling where he might be right now.

The cops are constantly failing at finding him, and that's why Danny decided to go back to Maine and start his own investigation. He's got only one goal - to track him down and put him down. The man starts his search by visiting Mandy, another survivor of the terrifying abduction. But, she refuses to tell him anything about those days, and that makes the guy ask himself: what if she had something to do with that?

Yes, she does keep a secret, but Sullivan's relentless masculinity and the fire that burns inside both of them might just make her tell him the real truth. That would put her loved ones in danger, and nobody's safe from the mysterious killer. Soon, more innocent people start to disappear, and that could mean only one thing - the maniac is going for a new ritual. Mandy is his next victim, and Danny will have to face the fanatic and protect the girl.

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