Mila-18-By-Leon-UrisMonti, a journalist, is sent to Poland with an assignment. He's to become a part of pre-WW2 victimization of the country's Jews. The man has seen what the Nazis can do, and he knows of their evil plans. So, he makes it his mission to share his knowledge with the whole world and to join the Jewish population of Poland in their desperate, temerarious stand against the German assault.

Soon, the horrors of war touch pretty much every single family in the country, and the "ghetto" population of the Jews becomes thinner and thinner with each passing day. Then, Mila 18 paints a picture that represents the pure strength, determination, and honor of the Jews as they put their own lives on the line just to defend their families and loved ones.

Leon Uris, the author of this wonderful book, delivered a heart-warming, heart-wrenching and thought-provoking historical drama of the glorious Jewish resistance during the nation's darkest time in history. In a time of tragedy, despair, and fear, only the strongest folks find the capacity to become heroes and to help others. What can you do against a tank with your bare hands? As history shows, a lot!

Faith gives us "supernatural" powers that break even the sturdiest steel and put the most elite armies down. As far as insightful, engaging and educational historical fiction goes, Mila 18 is most definitely one of the best examples in modern-day literature. It's authentic, convincing, and all-around important for the young generations. This is the story of a sacrifice, an honorable act that will be forever remembered by the descendants.

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