Military Fitness Special Forces Training Plan

military-fitnessFast, powerful, ripped and resilient. That's the Royal Marines in a nutshell. Elite soldiers are among the fittest in the world, having been put through lengthy and arduous training to ensure they have the strength, endurance and fortitude to carry out difficult military actions at a moment's notice. This 12-week plan is light on kit so you can do it almost anywhere; it's easy to follow and hits every muscle group to help you build Marine-level fitness.

To complement your training, Royal Marine physical training instructor Sean Lerwill has devised a simple nutrition plan that'll boost the potency of the workouts. Now it's time to start your journey to getting the body of an elite solider. Do these workouts and you'll be ripped, strong and ready for anything.

First of all, anyone seeking this type of rigorous activity - especially near 40 years old - should be in excellent condition and very flexible. Your increased flexibility will be the result of a daily stretching program that will help you better recover from the daily grind of challenging workouts.

Whether you are a 40-year-old military person, a law enforcement officer, or a person who likes to do marathons or triathlons, you need to start a flexibility routine. This will help you break up the lactic acid that builds in your muscles. One tip - hold each stretch you do for 4-5 deep inhales and exhales. Your inhales should be 3 or more seconds long - followed by a full exhale. This will also help you get oxygen to the muscles adding an increased effect to lactic acid release.

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