For Jana, ballet was her entire life - the only thing she loved and knew how to do. Unfortunately, after she got a severe injury, the dreams of conquering the international podiums were crushed. But hey, she still needed some cash to get by, so, the girl had no choice but to "improvise" and turn into an A-grade stripper. The nightclubs are always a bit short on virgin dancers with a ballet background, right?

But the second she laid eyes on Mr. Savage, the owner of a fancy strip club she was trying to get hired by, she couldn't stop thinking about him. He was a dark, scary, cocky man, and she knew for sure that fooling around with a gentleman like that could (and probably would) result in a disaster - for both of them. Still, she wanted him like crazy, and, judging by the looks he'd been giving her, so did he.

Mixing pleasure with business is not really a great idea, but how do you make yourself stop from fantasizing about your handsome and controlling boss? Jana needs a strong, trustworthy man right now, but the question is - is Cole the one she's looking for, or is he just a temporal fling and nothing more? The man himself has been sleeping with gorgeous women for as long as he can remember, and getting a bimbo into his bed is not a problem for him.

Jana is different: she's young, innocent, inexperienced and totally sexy. That gorgeous body, the full lips, and compelling smile won over his heart, and Cole simply couldn't let her go. This fella is not used to sharing what belongs to him, and Jana has just agreed to be his woman - 100%. Mine is a short yet incredibly sexy erotic novel that comes with a possessive, obsessive alpha-male and a beautiful young girl who steals his heart.

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