Miracle-At-The-Highest-Grounds-Cafe-By-Max-LucadoChelsea, a beautiful modern-day woman, is going through a rough patch - she's completely on her own right now. She recently divorced her celebrity husband - an NFL champ - and is forced to take care of herself. Chelsea is strong and can take a punch or two, but a "change of scenery" like that would shake even the roughest and toughest ladies. Yet, she decides to attack first and steps out of the shadows, so to speak.

She puts her heart and soul into the Higher Grounds Café, an old-school, romantic coffee shop that's in a desperate need of fixing. However, when all that hard work doesn't pay off - her love, passion, brilliant ideas and delicious cookies fail - the struggling single mother is ready to break down and cry. What Chelsea really needs is a miracle, but where can she find one, especially in this harsh, uninviting town?

Fortunately, a mysterious stranger arrives at her doorstep soon, and he sets a great chain of events in motion that turn her life upside down. That long-awaited miracle finally happens, and folks rush towards the cafe - and not for the tasty cakes or the nice coffee. These people want to get the answers to their questions, and the stranger in the cafe seems to have them all.

Life's biggest questions are answered in Higher Grounds, and soon, it turns into THE place in the vicinity to hang out. But then, Chelsea's ex-husband calls her, and she starts to think that Universe itself is trying to bring her down. Ere long, she builds up the courage to talk to the Almighty and ask him a question. Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe is an old-fashioned, warm and touching romantic novel/drama. It's sweet, heart-wrenching, uplifting and inspirational.

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