mischling-by-affinity-konarThis book got more awards and positive reviews than any other recent release, and that means Affinity Konar has something very special to share with the readers. The critics are calling it one of the most powerful, touching, inspirational and enlightening books of the year. It's 1944, ladies and gentlemen, and WW2 is still raging on.

Two twin sisters, Pearl and Stasha, arrive at Auschwitz along with their mom and granddad. In this dark, scary and dangerous new world, the girls find happiness in simple joys and share a unique language and play all kinds of games together. Soon, they become a part of an experiment that brings them both privileges and terror. They take their personalities away and completely change them - turn the girls into different people.

And when Pearl disappears, her twin sister doesn't put her hands down and surrender to grief: she still hopes that she's alive and well somewhere out there. So, when the Red Army finally starts to kick the Nazis out of Europe, the girl and her new friend Feliks - a boy also driven by vengeance - embark on a journey through Poland, trying to find their respective twins. On their way, they witness starvation, pain, and the horrors of war.

They come across the resistance, hostile citizens, and friendly refugees. Mischling is a modern-day masterpiece, a 100% must-have for all the fans of brilliantly-written, touching and thought-provoking novels. This is a book about hope and faith during one of the darkest pages in history. Stasha believes in the Greater Good and thinks about restoring her country and herself after the war, giving hope to all those poor souls she sees on her life-changing journey.

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