S.L. Scott comes through with a moving, touching, thought-provoking exploration of the human heart and spirit. How far are you ready to go just to see the ones you love happy? The characters of Missing Grace will have to answer that question in this epic, poignant tale of love. If you believe in the power of love, then you simply have to read this book! Folks have been telling Ben to forget about his sweetheart and to move on.

It sounds pretty easy, right? But how can he just forget the one and only girl that was supposed to be his heaven on Earth? The day Grace disappeared into thin air - without a single note and/or trace - Ben turned into a different man. It's like she took a big part of him with her and until he finds her and brings her back, that huge part will be missing.

The man did try to fight the heartbreak and pain and to dedicate himself to work. He did everything in his power to get consumed by his work and to find peace in this harsh new reality, but, no matter how hard he tried, Grace kept coming back to him in his thoughts and dreams. Ben is a successful, good-looking man with a fat wallet, and there are all kinds of woman around him, but they simply don't exist to him, because he's still in love with Grace.

He's got everything a man could ever dream of, except for her. However, one day, when he was ready to give up, she appeared in front of him. Was she real, or just a figment of his tired and frustrated imagination? Ben wasn't really sure, but it did give him his hope back, and that's all he ever needed. Every second counts and he's not about to lose her all over again...

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