Greg Iles needs no introductions: this guy is a guru when it comes to mystery thrillers, and he's got dozens of bestsellers behind his back. Mississippi Blood is the final chapter in the Natchez Burning series, so, if you've been dying to read the end of the story, this is your best chance to do that!

The book is both suspenseful and extremely exciting, which means you'll need military-like discipline to pull yourself away from it. Yep, it's that good, and, as far as page-turners go, Greg's latest blockbuster is on top of the "food chain". Cage and his lovely family have been through a lot in these last couple of years, but their enemies are ever-brutal and want to put down every single one of them.

The sins of the past are back to hit the man where it hurts, and it's gonna take all of his intelligence, experience, and luck to stay strong on both feet and to protect those he loves. He's devastated by grief and can't think of anything else but vengeance. His family and his whole life are breaking and collapsing right in front of his eyes.

The girl he loves is gone, and his dad, a role model both for Cage and his community, is to be tried for the murder of his mistress. Now, Penn is a hard-boiled and tough prosecutor, and major murder trials are like child's play to him, but his dad doesn't want him to be a part of this scandal. He's ready to die in jail rather than hurt his son. Dr. Tom Cage gave 40 years of his life to medicine, and he'd been the most loved and esteemed physician in the whole state. But now he's being accused of killing an African-American woman, his lover, and there's a nation-wide scandal on the horizon.

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