mistletoe-mountain-by-frankie-loveEverett is one of those people that don't really like the noisy big cities and appreciate the simplicity of life in the woods. Yes, he's a modern-day mountain man, and he actually enjoys that nickname. Now, he would never expect to see a beautiful young girl stuck in the snowstorm. Evie comes from a different life - she likes to party, drink up and put jewelry on whatever she can put it on.

But Everett doesn't really care about that because all he can think about is the fact that she's all alone out there and that she's as sexy as hell. So, he offers to take her to his home and to warm her up properly. And when the cabin isn't hot enough to keep the girl warm, he's happy to offer other "services" to make her heart beat like crazy and her blood to start rushing with double speed.

Meeting a girl like that in a far-away place like the one he's in is a pretty rare thing, so, now that he has her, he's never letting her go back to her "cheap city life". And while Evie really enjoys his company and wants to spend as much time with him as she can, the life in the mountains is not the only option for her, and she left everything she knows and love in the civilization.

The question is - will Everett be able to convince her to stay and completely change her life? It's gonna take a Christmas miracle, that's for sure! Mistletoe Mountain is a lovely romantic novel that has a very strong naughty side to it. The main characters are simply amazing, and the chemistry between them will turn you on like crazy. Frankie Love is known for bringing love, passion, and fun together, and Mistletoe Mountain will be an awesome read.

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