moo-by-sharon-creechSharon Creech is famous for her kind, charming and heart-warming books for children that are both fun and educational. If you've ever been a fan of any of her previous tales, you'll definitely love Moo - her latest offering. The main message of this story - if we're ready to get out of our comfort zone and embrace new experiences, life rewards us with all kinds of amazing surprises.

Reena is a 12-years-old girl, and her parents decide to move to a village and leave the big city behind. And that's when she meets quite a special cow that becomes her best friend in the whole world. A friendship between a little girl and a cow? Why not! Obviously, Reena doesn't really like the idea of letting go of everything that they had in the city, but, at the same time, she's excited for this new adventure in the rural Maine. She's up for eating all the blueberries and seafood in the area, that's for sure!

However, her mom and dad make Reena and her little brother work for a mean lady named Mrs. Falala - their new neighbor. She has a cat, a dog, a pig and a really really stubborn cow. Its name is Zora, by the way, and Reena is "destined" to bond with it. Moo is a wonderful book; part poetry, part prose, and it will be a great gift to your kids. Better yet - read the story together and discuss it with your boys and girls.

Moo is a heartwarming, beautifully written and inspiring tale that teaches us how to be strong enough to let others in. With that said, Moo will also be a great read for the grown-ups, as we sometimes forget about the most important things in life and focus on irrelevant stuff. Sharon Creech knows how to touch readers of all ages and nationalities, and that's exactly what makes her a brilliant writer.

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