moon-choosen-by-p-c-castMoon Chosen is a brand-new mighty blockbuster from P. C. Cast, the bestselling and award-winning woman behind the internationally-famous series - House of Night. The new book is set in an unusual world where the humans, the animals and the whole planet are forever entwined and can't survive without one another. This is a world that's got enough grace and horrors to both shock and amaze.

Mari, the main character of this fascinating novel, is what's known as an Earth Walker - she's heir to the truly special healing abilities of her people. However, she's not really into all that prophecy stuff, until a unique creature ally chooses her and flips her world 180 degrees. Soon, when a devastating attack destroys her world, the girl shows the real capacity of her inherited force and her identity, her very nature. So, all she can do now is to try and protect her native folks from the enemy's brutality.

Darkness is well on its way, and it brings a mighty force along with it, a force that Mari's world has never seen before. On her journey, the girl meets Nik, the heir for a rivaling clan, and he opens up something in her, makes Mari feel new, unusual emotions. They form an alliance and decide to take on the enemy together. Mari won't get another chance, so, she needs to be 100% ready to strike and to break her people free.

But will she be able to accept her destiny? She'll have to be ready to embrace her fate and become the destroyer of the evil forces that put in danger the very existence of everything and everyone that Mari cares about and loves. Moon Chosen is a perfect fantasy novel to enjoy after a hard day at work. The true fans will appreciate the author's rich, unusual world, the fast-paced narrative and the amazing chemistry between Mari and Nik.

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