Longing for that good-old American romance to enjoy on a cold winter night? Make sure to check out Moonlight Cove then! This is a great novel about regular people and their not-so-regular-problems in the modern-day world. Jess has been struggling with and overcoming obstacles ever since she was born.

She had to fight through a nasty thing - attention deficit disorder - come to terms with her favorite Inn's financial problems and stop thinking of herself as a screw-up and a looser in a fam of over-the-top geniuses.Yes, she's been through a lot, and now she's finally ready to let a man into her life and share a family with him.Her buddies and BFFs coax her into posting her pic and info on a dating website, but no fella pays attention to her, leaving the poor girl hanging.

Well, that's more than OK for Will, Jess's childhood friend turned psychologist because he already has just the right man for her in his head - himself. The thing is - he's been in love with this lovely young lady for as long as he can remember. He knows everything there is to know about her, including her strong sides and her weaknesses.

At the same time, even though he is a great-looking guy and cares for her a lot, Jess still can't get herself to break down the walls between them and give herself up to him because she feels like he's treating her as some kind of a patient, an experiment. But, there's no going back: Will waited longer than he ever should have, and it's time for him to put all his cards on the table. Will that be enough to convince the love of his life that he's worth her trust? Will she finally surrender to him?

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