Damien, a big, bad, Godly-looking fella, Katie's boss, took her on a date, and they ended up having all kinds of smutty sex. He took her virginity, and, even though she's never planned to lose it to a man like him, it did feel great. In her pretty little head, it wasn't supposed to go down like that, but does it really matter now that it's done and she wants more of it?

Mr. Hudson is her boss now, and she's acting all kinds of naughty and dirty at the office. She loves to mess around with him, drive him crazy and turn him on. He's older than her, got years of experience behind his back and knows exactly how to punish a girl like that. Katie definitely does deserve a proper spanking, and her body is always happy to be "handled" by the man. But what about her heart? What if she falls in love with him?

Yes, Damien did take her virginity, but she took more from him than he could ever imagine - his focus. He can't think about anything else but that little minx with a gorgeous body and an appetite for dirty, lustful things. The head honcho does hang out with all kinds of women, but he never brings the "heat" to work - that's his rule. So, why can't he keep it in his pants when Katie is around? What's so special about her?

You don't become the CEO of a multi-billion dollar company by f***king your employees at the office. He can't fire her because she's taken over his heart and his mind, but, at the same time, it's really hard to control himself and not to tear her clothes apart at the firm. More Boss is a classic case of a sexy slash funny romantic novel by the lovely Juliana Conners. It comes with a dominant alpha bad-boy and a curvy and sassy girl.

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