Motion-To-Suppress-By-Perri-O'ShaughnessyMisty, a feisty, strong-willed girl, went back home from work one day and struck her jealous, vicious husband. It was self-defense, yes, but the cops are claiming that she killed him. She honestly can't remember a thing, and that makes it all so much more difficult. Misty works as a barmaid in a fancy casino in town and she has these episodes of blacking out when she has no memories of what happened during that time - it's all blank.

Her man is nowhere to be found, and a trail of blood is the only thing that hints he's still alive. Obviously, his wife is the #1 suspect - the murder suspect, that is, and she's got no "legal" friends to turn to. At the same time, Nina, an attorney, is also trying to run away from her life. She's escaping from a marriage that went wrong and a major failure in her career.

So, now, she's moved to Lake Tahoe, and she wants to focus on getting herself together, make sure her son's got a peaceful, normal life here, and start her own business. One day, Misty, a blondie slash waitress, walks into her office, and her appearance starts a chain of troubling events that flip the lives of both girls 180 degrees. Nina instantly thinks that the damsel is lying or at least hiding something.

In order to win this case, she'll have to trust her gut and put her heart and soul into helping the poor lady. This case comes with huge secrets, terrifying betrayals, and big-time revelations, and it will change Riley's beliefs. As for Misty, she's in for the ride of her life. The only problem is - the ladies don't trust each other, but they will have to, otherwise they'll both end up somewhere on the outskirts of life. Motion to Suppress is a gripping, fast-paced, page-turning novel with a twisty, shocking ending, a thrilling plot and adorable characters.

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