mr-ceo-by-lauren-landishLauren Landish is one of the most popular authors in the contemporary genre of romantic/erotic novels, and her books are known for that killer mix of drama, romance, and passion. Logan is Mr. CEO - a super-successful, young, handsome man with abs like the Gods of Egypt. And, he's used to always getting what he wants, with no exceptions whatsoever.

He's been working hard and playing hard for as long as he can remember, but he's never really wanted a woman like he wants her - Charlotte. Logan is the big boss, and he always makes an impression when he walks into the boardroom. He's got the whole world at his disposal; however, all that partying and having fun doesn't inspire him anymore. Nothing does, actually, and he desperately needs something to sparks things up for him. Or, rather, someone.

And that's when Charlotte comes in. Her curvaceous body and those gorgeous blue eyes drive him crazy, and he can't stop thinking about her. It's like she's calling to him, grabbing his attention even when he's taking care of some serious business. He knows that he needs to let this one go, as girls like that are always trouble, but how can he do that when her lips look so seductive and her whole body is craving for some of that passionate love?

Logan has never wanted a woman like he wants her; Charlotte seems to feel the same way. However, there's a reason why Mr. CEO is keeping his distance with every single girl he meets, and he constantly reminds himself of that reason. Still, when she's standing just a few inches away from him, Logan can't resist...Mr. CEO is a naughty erotic novel that comes with a griping plot, a fine cast of characters and an awesome narrative.

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