Mr. Fiancé is the latest bestseller by the lovely Lauren Landish, and that automatically means the fans are in for a delicious treat. Oliver is a big, handsome, ripped and cocky rich fella who thinks that the whole world belongs to him. In a way, that's actually true, but this engagement thing he's got going on with Mindy is fake. Every single person out there believes that they are in love and together for real, but that's just what he wants everybody to think.

At the same time, he loves to wrap his big, strong arms around her like he really means it and to kiss her with passion and ardor. When Oliver presses her against the wall, Mindy almost believes that the arrangement is real. But he's just a moron who loves to mess around with her and enjoys her reaction to his sexual assault.

They've got a week together, and Mindy is planning on making him fall for her and beg her not to leave. She's a gorgeous young woman with curves to die for, but that brain of hers is brighter than the sun, and she wants to beat this arrogant prick at his own game. However, every time they end up alone in the bedroom, she feels like the Universe stops moving, and when he undresses her with his eyes with that all-consuming smile, she knows that the battle is already lost.

It's safe to say that he's got a hold over her and pretty soon she'll let her guard down and let him do all those nasty and dirty things to her that they've both been fantasizing about. Mindy knows what she wants - to be his queen - but is that what Oliver wants, or is he still playing with her? Mr. Fiancé is one of those riveting romantic novels that turn you on with a killer mix of love and passion between a dirty alpha male and a naughty young woman.

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