Calli is going through a rough patch: she's pretty much stuck in her tiny and boring town with a stupid job and no hopes for the future - whatsoever. So, when her BFF, Zenya, asks her to hit the gas and be her lovely maid of honor in New York, she instantly says yes, as it's some sort of a getaway plan for her - a chance to clear her head and to change the scenery, so to speak.

Unfortunately, her stupid wreck-of-a-car breaks down without a rhyme or reason, proving once again that Calli is not a particularly lucky person. But, just when she is about to scream and break a thing or two in the vehicle, Veto shows up. This fella looks like he just had a fantastic photoset for a top-notch fitness magazine. He offers Calli his help and fixes the car in a couple of minutes.

It's safe to say that the girl has never been in a "close contact" with a dashing man like him, and she would gladly get to know the guy, but she's running late, so, she pushes the pedal and rushes into the sunset, thinking that they'll never meet again. However, as it soon turns out, he's staying at the very same hotel that she's in! Furthermore, the clumsy staff messed up her reservation, which means she can't stay in her room.

Veto comes to her rescue once again and gently offers to spend the night in his bed. And, he promises to behave...unless she doesn't want him to. They met yesterday, and Calli is not someone who sleeps with a stranger after a brief meeting, even if he's a tall, handsome bad-boy. But what if she could give herself a pass this one time? Nothing horrible will happen. Right? Mr. Lucky is a smutty, ardent and spirited romantic novel by Jackson Kane. If you love funny and sexy stories, this one's for you.

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