Mulberry-Moon-By-Catherine-AndersonMystic Creek is a warm, kind, moving and touching series about modern-day women who are dealing with modern-day problems on a daily basis. Catherine Anderson's unique writing style, lovely characters, and thought-through stories turned this franchise into a big-time bestseller. Mulberry Moon features Ben, a man who's tired of his own career and wants to start a quiet, peaceful life. He's got just the perfect place to settle down - his farm.

His brothers are already enjoying married life, and Ben wants to join them. The man has been searching for the right woman for a very long time, but she never caught his eyes. Yet, the dashing new owner of the cafe down the road ignites something in his heart and soul. However, getting her to like him, let alone love him, will be a pretty difficult "mission".

Sissy Sue has been working really hard, trying to make an honest living on her own, and the last thing she needs in her life right now is a new man. She's had quite an unpleasing experience with men: her own poppa was a drunk, and the fella she dated was nothing less of a scumbag. So, now she's convinced that nothing good could come out from having a relationship with a new guy.

At the same time, Ben, this good-looking, well-mannered man, seems to always be around whenever she needs help with something. And, even though she's doing everything in her power to deny the spark that's growing between them, the man's charm makes her dream of a happy future. Unfortunately, just when everything starts to feel normal again, the past comes rushing back into Sue's life, and it threatens to destroy everything she's worked for.

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