The Bistro owned by Siobhán has always been THE place to come to have a great meal, talk to your friends and have a good time. The locals - inhabitants of a tiny Irish village - really like this place and love to gossip about pretty much everything. Siobhán is a bright, smart and beautiful 22-year-old girl who runs the business named after her mother - Naomi’s.

Unfortunately, she lost both her mom and her dad in a terrifying car crash about a year ago, and it still hurts like hell. She's got 5 siblings to take care of, and it's safe to say that it's been a pretty hard year for the entire family. Yet, it's only about to get harder. One regular morning, when they open the place for the loyal customers, the O’Sullivans find a strange gentleman seating at a table looking like he just came from a funeral or something.

And there's a pair of scary-looking barber scissors sticking out of his chest. The cops are quick to call the innocent owners the prime suspects, and that casts a big shadow over their bistro (folks don't really like to eat at a place that has anything to do with murders and shady business), putting their future at risk.

So, with the policemen against them, and the locals turning their backs, what is Siobhán, the smart, witty and dedicated redhead supposed to do? Solve the crime all by herself, clear her family's name and bring everything back to the way it was used to, of course! She can't lose this fight, and she feels responsible for her brood. Murder in an Irish Village comes with a great character that will conquer both your heart and mind from the very beginning. The story is well-written and the narrative is gripping. And the Irish setting only adds to the awesome picture.

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