Must-Love-Chainmail-By-Angela-QuarlesKaty, the main character of Must Love Chainmail, a new bestseller from Angela Quarles, one of the greatest writers of historical romance stories, feels like she doesn't belong in the modern-day world. She never wanted a regular man in a suit. No, what she really needs is a medieval knight with a sword and a shiny armor. She wants the knight to come and save her, but she might as well be the one who saves him.

At the same time, Katy always sticks to the script and does everything by the book, which means she would never give up her perfectly-ordered life for a romantic adventure into the unknown. Or would she? Everything's already set up for her: she is to marry an "average fella" who's too safe and nice - just the ideal pick. However, nothing feels right about the marriage, and she still dreams of being in the arms of a knight who would sweep her off her feet.

That's all she can think of, and soon, she finds herself traveling a few centuries back through time and landing in Wales, where she meets Robert, the man who's supposed to be her knight. But he has to deal with the burden of his father's betrayal and the man's got only one goal in his mind - to reclaim his family's good name and restore justice. And in order to prove his worth to the Norman king, he will have to fight against his own mother's army. So, he doesn't have space in his mind or in his heart for a ridiculous gal who's got strange thoughts and manners.

But, when the Welsh mutiny happens, he comes up with just the ideal plan to right all the wrongs. Katy sticks with him to the very end, with each new victory bringing them close together. Angela Quarles delivers a fun, cheerful, sexy and fast-paced story with Must Love Chainmail. It's a beautifully written novel - a romantic adventure with a little bit of science fiction.

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