Julie “Turtle” Alveston is a fourteen-year old girl confined in an isolated world with his overprotective and charismatic father, Martin. He abuses and molest her, insists that she accepts pain, rejects the “dark and profane world”...and just be like him. He teaches Turtle to shoot and hunt in the wild. Her outside world is limited to middle school. She has no friends and instead spends most of her time practicing and cleaning guns. Martin pushes her to find strength in herself, capable of defending herself anytime and from anyone.

Then enters Jacob, a cheerful high school student who treats her as if she is the sunrise. And for the first time, Turtle begins to question her life with Martin. Driven by her newfound experience with real friendship, Turtle starts to imagine breaking away from the world that Martin introduced to her, using the very skills that she learned him. What follows is a teenage girl’s pulsating struggle towards liberation and redemption.

My Absolute Darling is a psychologically thrilling and profoundly moving story that marks the debut of a brilliant up and coming writer, narrated using striking language backdropped by secluded cliff side beaches and hiking trails.

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