My-Baby-Is-A-West-Coast-King-2-By-Shvonne-LatriceUrban romance has always been famous for that stylish, fancy life of thugs, dames, and the street atmosphere. My Baby Is a West Coast King 2 is a fascinating romantic novel that's got it all: love, loss, betrayal, hustlas, ganstas and them sisters. Laine, the main character of the franchise, was devastated when she learned that Mischief, the man that she thought was the one for her, cheated on her - and more than once.

Furthermore, he's now the father to another woman's baby, and he shouldn't have even known her in the first place. So, now the girl feels betrayed and begins to think that maybe she was too naive to fall for the guy and that everything happened way too fast. She decides to clear her head and have some oldschool fun.

Laine's hoping that it will help her forget about all the horrors that are happening in her personal life right now. All she needs is to chill, relax and forget about it all - at least for a moment. However, the thing is - Mischief is a bit crazy, and he walks, talks and acts like a true G. That means he's not going to be easy to dump. He wants her by his side, and "No" is not an answer for a bruv like that.

Mischief is going through a rough patch, and he has to deal with his sinking career, his girl acting up and the preposterous rumors that he's got a baby on the way. Soon, some troubling memories from the past come haunting him, and a big secret comes out. Temptations, betrayals, heartbreaks - it's all coming out, and the tension is rising to an insane level. The question is - will these secrets break the fam, or will they bring them closer together?

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