My-Baby-Is-A-West-Coast-King-3-By-Shvonne-LatriceUrban romance is one of the most popular genres these days - and not only among African-Americans. The key to success is simple: "urban" books are always gripping, exciting and come with rich, multi-layered characters, deep, moving stories and fast-past, action-packed narratives. Shvonne Latrice created a best-selling series with My Baby Is A West Coast King, and chapter 3 promises even more secrets, revelations, drama, and romance.

If you loved the first 2 novels in the trilogy, you'll most definitely appreciate this one. The stakes are higher than ever, and we're all in for the ride of our lives. The mighty Benjamin family is hiding more secrets in those shady closets than any other dynasty out there, and all that dirty laundry is about to come out.

There's always something new going on with these folks, and the heroes of this franchise will soon learn that sometimes the truth hurts the most. Big revelations are coming to life, and that means that the final installment in the game-changing series is gonna break a lot of hearts. The biggest question is - will the couples manage to handle all that heat and stay true to each other, or are they all doomed to destruction?

In the world of the Benjamins, nothing's said and done, and trouble can come knocking on that front door at any second. Shvonne Latrice conquered the hearts and minds of countless fans from around the world with the first two chapters, but chapter three, the final stroke, is her best work to date. So, get cozy in that chair/sofa and get ready to dive into a world of heartbreaks, betrayals, shocking revelations and everlasting bonds.

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