If you're a fan of urban romance, then you definitely know the name of Shvonne Latrice, a beautiful, gifted young woman who brought a lot of excitement into the genre with her bestselling My Baby Is A West Coast King series. And now we've got the fourth chapter available on the bookshelves! So, what can we expect from the lovely characters this time? More drama, love, hate, betrayals and scandals?

The mighty couples are back, that's for sure, and, despite the fact that their bonds are stronger than they've ever been, trouble is always following them, no matter where they go and where they hide. True, being famous is all kinds of awesome, but it also means that you need to constantly watch your back and calculate every move you make. It's got it drawbacks, and there's no denying this fact.

Unfortunately, the heroes of My Baby Is A West Coast King 4 learn that the wrong way, and it's gonna take hard work and dedication to fix what's broken and to go back to the way they were. Are they strong and wise enough to withstand whatever's coming their way? Fame is a dangerous thing; it can destroy a person and turn him/her into a zombie. Temptations are circling around the fam, trying to lure them into dark, twisty territories that you can't go back from.

Furthermore, all the old foes are plotting against the west coast legends and are ready to do everything in their power just to see them hurt and suffering. Yes, the stakes are higher than ever, and, if you've been a fan of the first three books, you simply can't miss this one! My Baby Is A West Coast King 4 is a thrilling, engrossing and stylish urban romance that features a lovely cast of characters and an intricate plot.

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