My-Not-So-Perfect-Life-By-Sophie-KinsellaIt's no secret that the British folks have a great sense of humor, and uplifting, inspiring spirits. Take Sophie Kinsella, for example: she's got a dozen of best-selling books behind her back, and they're all equally hilarious, even though there's enough drama to make you cry. As for My Not So Perfect Life, it's yet another brilliant novel from the gifted writer.

It's kinda like the perfect old-school story, but with a big difference: with the social media taking over the world, we get a lot of hate and false judgments on the Internet and the characters of this story have to deal with it all on a daily basis. Katie is going through a rough patch and can't seem to get herself together. Everywhere she looks, the girl sees someone more confident, prosperous and happier than her.

Demeter, her big boss, is both charming and creative, enjoys the company of a wonderful family and always wears the most expensive and fancy clothes to work. And Katie is just trying to get by: her rent is well overdue, she has rags for clothes, weird-ass flatmates and oddball colleagues at the office. So, the only way out of this mess in this brave-new-world is to hide behind those perfect, yet not-true-at-all posts on Instagram.

You can't blame the girl, though, because she really wants to make her pops proud. However, just when Katie seems to be doing OK (she might've even found true love!), Missis Farlowe fires her. Naturally, Katie's whole world falls apart, but she finds the strength to keep her cool and goes back to her fam's farm to help them out with the biz. One day, out of the blue, Demeter visits her in Somerset and turns Katie's life upside down...My Not So Perfect Life comes with bright, lovely, relatable characters, a great story, and, of course, Sophie Kinsella's trademark humor.

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