My Secret Life by Anonymous

Anonymous-My-Secret-Life-Volumes-1-3My Secret Life was published by a "Victorian gentleman" in the late nineteenth century under the Walter's name. Obviously it is a pseudonym. So who the author really was? Nobody knows, but there is a theory that My Secret Life was written by Henry Spencer Ashbee.

Initially, the book, was fully printed at the author's expense. The first official mention of the book appeared in a clandestine catalog of erotic writings published by the Parisian bookseller-publisher Carrington in 1902.

Only in 1966 the My Secret Life finally was published in Anglo-Saxon countries legally. This work is not presented as a novel and is probably not very romantic. The author describes it as a memory as faithful as possible to the facts described in it. He claims that he changed the names of people and places only.
Do not think that you can find author's voice on every page. Usually he is quite and speaks only in case of absolute necessity to understand the some difficult places of the story. And he always remains completely faithful when describes something: location of objects in a room, events or a physical appearance of his sexual partner... Similar to this novel is the Forbidden Fruit

However, there is no need to seeking any serious attempt of psychological analysis. Walter observed only the facts, because all he truly want is to discover new pleasures. And there is absolutely nothing to analyze. My Secret Life is a long observation, scrupulously recorded each of authors sexual experiences. Is it good or bad book. This question can be considered as controversial. But you can be absolutely sure that My Secret Life is perfect for understanding the sexual habits of men in the Victorian era, which all theirs sexual double standards

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