my-sisters-grave-by-robert-dugoniTracy, the main character of My Sister's Grave, spent 2 full decades questioning everything about her sister's disappearance that happened so many years ago, especially the murder trial. She never truly believed that House - the man who they say killed Sarah - was indeed the one who did it. Tracy has been carrying the weight of it all for a very long time, and she always wanted to take justice into her own hands and find out the real truth behind her sister's mysterious disappearance.

And that's exactly why she decided to become a homicide detective at the Police Department and put her heart and mind into finding the real killer(s) who took Sarah away from her. Soon, they find Sarah's remains in the mountains, near the place where they grew up, and that gives Tracy even more motivation to track down the ones responsible and to bring them to justice. She's been looking for the answers for far too long, and now it's time for her to finally get them.

And, as she's getting closer and closer to the real murderer, she uncovers deep, dark, old secrets that will change everything about her past and make her look at it from a different angle. The door is open, and there's no going back now. She just invited danger into her own house, but that's the only way for her to learn the real truth about herself, her family and her sister.

Robert Dugoni created one of the best mystery thrillers of all times that will take your breath away and make your heart beat like crazy. The author's superb writing style, strong, passionate main character and the thrilling story with twists and turns will keep you up all night long! The book is suspenseful, violent and, of course, chilling. My Sister's Grave is definitely a must-have for all the fans of the genre!

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