John has a gift: he's great with his hands, and that makes him one of the best surgeons out there. He's equally respected at home and on an international scale. He's young, good-looking, successful and has a pretty thick wallet, which is why ladies are lining up to get a piece of that alpha-male experience. However, the man himself is not particularly happy with his love life and is constantly feeling like something's missing - something important.

So, he starts using this stupid dating app that hooks him up with Anna, a gorgeous young woman - confident, intelligent, and unbelievably sexy. They start "talking" online, and the more time he spends with her, the more he falls in love with the girl. Soon, he finds out that Anna is working at the same hospital, and that makes it even better.

Wait, but aren't work relationships forbidden? Exactly! Well, John is just too "deep" now to back down. Besides, he's used to getting what he wants, and right now he wants to make Anna his woman. She's pretty much the most exciting thing that's happened to him in a while, and she makes him feel like he's alive and happy again.

Unfortunately, it all catches up to them, and when the hospital learns of their relationship, John is forced to walk away. Otherwise, he would have to say goodbye to his booming career. And now she's seeing another man, and that drives the surgeon crazy. Will he be able to stay away from her? He thinks that they are destined to be together, but what about Anna’s feeling? Does she feel the same way? Naughty Prescription is a super-hot, sexy and steamy romantic novel with a big bad alpha male and a gorgeous and sassy young woman.

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