Negroland-By-Margo-JeffersonNegroland, the latest effort from Margo Jefferson, is a brilliant book that received huge praise from the international press. The author was born back in '47 in Chicago, and Negroland is an autobiographical book about the society of black folks that lived in "isolation" and didn't have nearly as many rights as did the white folks.

As Margo claims, "Negro" doesn't necessarily sound terrible - it can be glorious, wonderful. This is a story about free black people who used to work day and night in the South. And, it's about the brand-new world of fraternities, brotherhoods, all sorts of clubs...a world where the color of your skin and/or hair was just as important as your personal qualities and your professionalism.

Chicago is known as the "Capital of the black society» and the author talks about the struggles of regular folks in a brisk, honest, refreshing manner. Back then, there was this group of Talented Tenth - those people called themselves a new race, something between the white folks and the Negros. Negroland is an overwhelming book - it's provocative, bold, ground-breaking and revealing.

It's a fundamental work on discrimination, racial hate, privilege and the mistakes of the White America. Margo Jefferson, a black woman herself, delivers an honest, transparent depiction of the black communities in the United States back in the '40s and the '50s. It's a brave, powerful, enlightening memoir - insightful, hopeful, and, quite frankly, extraordinary. The critics call it the next big thing in modern-day literature, and there's no arguing with that.

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