Min has been going through something horrible since when was an 8-year-old kid: every 2 years, on her birthday, a man she has never seen before tracks her down and kills her without saying a word. However, a couple of hours later, the girl wakes up on the outskirts of her lovely townlet - all alone, without a scratch on her body and with no clues as to what happened and who the stranger was.

At the same time, Noah wants to be a regular person, a normal human being, but he's far from that. He's constantly being haunted by nightmares that involve death and killing, even though he's doing his best to fight them. And when the whole world around him turns to despair and devastation, he realizes that folks have been lying to his this whole time, and his life changes in a matter of seconds.

Planet Earth is doomed: there's a huge asteroid heading its way, threatening to destroy all life. It's called the Anvil, and there isn't much two teenagers can do to save their home. At least, that's what they both think. It's Min's 16th birthday, and, just as she curls up in her bed, praying that the killer won't come after her again, something changes deep inside of her, and the young woman decides she's had more than enough of this BS and that it's time to fight it.

She makes herself a promise to find out what's really happening in Fire Lake. Soon, she learns the real truth about her life: there's a sinister conspiracy that involves every single one of the 64 students in her class... Brendan Reichs is back with a stunning new mystery thriller for the young adults. Nemesis is fast-paced, intense, twisty and page-turning. It's equally dark, suspenseful and action-packed.

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