never-again-so-close-by-claudia-serranoAntonia is a regular young girl from a tiny Italian town, and she's just starting to make her first big steps in life. She's got a huge dream - to write a wonderful novel and become famous. However, when the girl moves to Milan, her life changes - completely. Vittorio, a handsome, charismatic and engaging man flips her world upside down.

They instantly fall for each other, but their relationship is not only thrilling - it's also quite painful. For one, the guy doesn't really believe in great love; at the same time, he can't make her lose her faith in it. Eventually, their romance comes to an end, and Antonia once again finds her passion for books. She’s confident that writing that dream novel is exactly what she needs to do right now in order to get back on her feet and start believing in herself.

The words allow her to take her pain and to turn it into a wonderful story. A pen and some paper are the only "tools" she needs in this life, but she'll have to be patient with her work and make sure that it's a 100% magnificent tale. Never Again So Close is not an erotic novel with tons of naughty stuff and sex in it. No, it's just a brilliant drama/romance for the ladies that's both moving and insightful. It's also uplifting, beautifully written and poignant.

Claudia Serrano wrote a novel about insane love, loss, pain, dealing with the consequences of a failed relationship and the power of self-discovery. Antonia is an amazing, likable character that will most certainly touch a lot of young hearts and minds from all around the world. It's safe to say that if you love thought-provoking and intelligent stories you'll love Never Again So Close.

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