never-go-back-by-lee-childThe Jack Reacher series is one of the most popular ones in the genre of mystery thrillers. Lee Child created an amazing story with rich, believable characters, a fast-paced narrative, and, of course, lots of shocking twists and turns. In Never Go Back, an international bestseller, Jack is caught in the crossfire of his own past, and he'll have to deal with it once and for all, otherwise it might destroy him. The book is suspenseful, action-charged and intriguing. Reacher used to be a military cop, but that's not what he is anymore.

The novel begins with him arriving in Virginia, the main building of his old unit. He's there for one reason only - to meet the new chief, Major Turner, and to discuss some details with her. However, when he enters the headquarters, he doesn't find Turner there. Instead, he learns a shocking truth about himself and a huge conspiracy that's about to be set in motion.

In a situation like this, you've got a choice to make - either you stay and fight, or you run for your life. Jack decides to fight. So, he'll have to clear his name, find the major and save the day. The FBI, the police, and even the military are after him, not to mention a group of elite thugs, which means he'll have to outsmart them all, figure it all out and stay alive while doing that.

Never Go Back is a brilliant thriller for the fans to enjoy. Lee Child created a pretty amazing new plot, a wild chase for justice, and put Jack right in the middle of it all. On his quest, Reacher constantly questions what he's done, who he is and what's the right thing for him to do now. By the way, Never Go Back is about to hit the theaters in October, with Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher, so, reading the book will be the perfect way to get ready!

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